part 1 | kitchen

It’s February 2018, it’s snowing, and we are on our third trip between Brockley and Crystal Palace in our hired Zip Van, silently wishing we had just hired a removal company to save our sanity! Once we were finally in, we ordered pizza and sat on the boxes in our coats (the heating had been off since it was vacated a month ago) feeling slightly overwhelmed that we finally owned our first property! The next morning, I slid off our mattress on the floor, shuffled through the living room in my dressing gown to make a cuppa, and when I went to pour the milk I thought - ‘that’s odd, there’s milk in there but it’s not coming out.’ The milk had FROZEN in the fridge! Added to which we had no wardrobe and those horrible carpet moths and were in danger of all our clothes being devoured. Time for some heating, some carpet annihilation and some renovating.

Fast forward to December 2018 when the renovation really began, as we got married in the summer and therefore had no time or money to do anything before then. First thing on the list - the kitchen. When we moved in the kitchen was your typical dated, student-esque kitchen; lino floor, free standing fridge from the 1980s, and no drawers (?!) I mean quite why anyone designs a kitchen with no drawers is beyond me.

The kitchen arrived with the in-laws - we were very lucky in that our dad’s are both super handy and have all the trade discounts, so we saved a lot of money on the kitchen and installation costs. First job was to rip out and rewire the kitchen. Top tips - don’t rewire and fit a kitchen in December. The heating went off and the destruction began. It was super satisfying taking a X and an X to the wall, but after a while we had to leave my father-in-law to the wiring, and there was only a limited amount that we could do. So we sat in the living room in our coats, getting quieter and quieter, and colder and colder, with re-runs of Celebs Go Dating on to try and pass the time…until my mother-in-law said ‘is it too early for wine?!’

But the kitchen is now in and we are absolutely obsessed with it - we still have some painting to do, and the dreaded tiling which we are going to attempt ourselves…pray for us!

Amy Harrison